Our commitments

In order to meet environmental, social and ethical key challenges, FORLAM-FORGE has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This led us to establish a charter in which we are commited to :


CSR Policy

  • Encourage our external partners to adhere to these values and bring their contributions to these commitments.
  • Promote the development of the collaborators’ competencies during their whole professional life.
  • Reduce our ecological footprint by reducing our impact on the environment through natural resource saving and preventing pollution risks.
  • Promote equality of opportunities, respect and valorise cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Assure professional equality : the Law of 5th September 2018 and the decree of 8th January 2019 has provided for the setting up of an equality professional index between men and women. Our current rate is 87.
  • Prioritise the safety, security and health of employees and reduce drudgery and improve ergonomy and by reducing risks linked to working stations.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy respects the guidelines for sustainability. We have set up all the necessary actions to control the impact of our activity on the environment. Aware of ecological issues and more locally of the impact of our activity on the environment, FORLAM-FORGE commits to :

  • Anticipating or minimising environmental hazards on a daily basis.
  • Supervising the respect of legal and reglementory demands.
  • Always improving our waste managing practicies reducing waste of energy and natural resources.

Certified according to the environmental standards ISO 14001, FORLAM-FORGE is commited to go beyond the environmental reglementory in practice. Our wish is to endeavor to a reasoned use of natural resources, to use processes as well as products and packaging that are respectful to the environment and to guarantee reduction, sorting , valorisation and treatment of wastes, rejects and pollutants.


Our Quality Policy

Our goal is to supply high quality products to our customers. Orientated towards satisfaction, our policy aims for continual and permanent improvement of our production in terms of quality, costs and respect of lead times as well as continual optimisation of our manufacturing processes.

  • Certified according to the IATF16949 standard, we also respect the demands of VDA/AIAG as well as the specific requirements.
  • Our recent production facilities, our modern measuring equipments (scanner, control arm, automated CMM) enables us to monitor and guarantee a high quality level for our products.
  • We assure traceability of our forgings from the raw material to delivery.

The professional and rigorous quality department ,driven by the demands and requirements of the automotive industry assures daily a very high level in quality and conformity.